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Adriana Furim, creator of LYNK, began her career at the age of 14 as an apprentice for three years in a studio and has since questioned this method where the apprentice has no formal learning structure and no idea when they will become a

qualified professional.


When her daughter, Nina, decided to learn to tattoo on a visit to Dublin in 2017, Adriana was able to develop and test her ideas about what it takes to become a professional. Within three months, her daughter Nina had learnt the fundamental techniques and started working with her at Lady Ink Dublin.


Because she didn't agree with the "apprentice" method, Adriana never incorporated it into her own studio. However, with this experience she saw potential in the method she had developed, so she began to offer classes in a formal teaching structure to those who came to her to be apprentices in her studio.

This is how LYNK - Lady Ink Tatto Academy was born, which today has not only Adriana's expertise but also other experienced tattooists and professionals in the medical, legal and marketing fields as teachers, thus creating a unique opportunity for those who really want to learn how to tattoo and become a fully qualified professional.

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