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As you know "Simple is Better" ADJUSTABLE ROTOR - With this Device you can adjust the needle stroke (0 to 4mm) to your preference to work with high precission and lots of comfort on your Rotary Tattoo Machine .

This machine will do both lines, shading, or pack solid color without any effort. Get best performance for a fair price!!!Thank you Everybody for your support, we compromise on improving our machines everytime to accomplish the Best Tattoo Artist requirements. Get best performance for a fair price!!!


CLIPCORD/ Engraved Gold Light Frame/ Adjustable rotor 0-4 mm

ACALA Brown Sayagata Golden Engraved Pattern

  • Houju Tattoo Machines include: Nks Bearings, guillotine tube hold, Jizo Bosatsu and Houju (sacred protective Buddhist gem) tube adjust plug, Mabuchi 12V Carbon brush Motor with durability around 3000 hours, wheight is 189 gr. with torque. Machines come with Protective Case bag with Jizo or three jewell charms, Allen keys & spare orings

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