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Parallel Milimetric Adjustable Rotor - With this new device you can use the longer stroke possible on a Rotary Direct Drive Tattoo Machine (from7mm to 0mm), or even tune your needle stroke with precision to the exact length you prefer.


CLIPCORD connection

Parallel Rotor 0-7 mm

Medium size motor

Sakura Pattern Aqua Green

€360.00 Regular Price
€324.00Sale Price

    Houju Tattoo Machines include: Nks Bearings, guillotine tube hold,
    Jizo Bosatsu and Houju (sacred protective Buddhist gem) tube adjust plug,
    Mabuchi 12V Carbon brush Motor with durability around 3000 hours, wheight is 189 gr. with torque.
    Machines come with Protective Case bag with Jizo or three jewell charms, Allen keys & spare orings


    Houju Tattoo Machines have 3 months WARRANTY to the original owner,
    if you have any problem just send us your machine and we will ship it back
     rapaired to your address in the term less than 10 laboral days after we recieve it.


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