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Tattoo Equipment

How to become a 
Professional Tattoo artists

A FREE Webinar describing a Step-by-Step of how to go from ZERO

 to a Professional Tattoo Artist and start to live the tattoo life

Presented by
Adriana Furim Ferreira,
Founder & CEO at Lady Ink
and Lady Ink Academy.

Adri Furim has been tattooing since she was 14, to now 41, specialised first in Buddhist arts and then in Science Illustration, besides the artistic skills developed over the years she is also a biologist. 
She had her first tattoo shop in Brazil, then  worked as a guest artist in England, Germany, Scotland and Portugal now she owns an all girls tattoo shop in Dublin and will share in this workshop the roadmap to become a succesfull professional tattoo artist

In this webinar we will cover

And much more!!!


I want to join the webinar and become a
Professional Tattoo Artist,
Please sign me up!

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